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Lake Jacomo Fishing Info

Lake Jacomo offers anglers in western Missouri a variety of species open to fishing. Largemouth bass is the favorite for most fishermen, but others enjoy fishing for walleye, crappie, hybrid striped bass, catfish, bluegill, and even carp.  A 1,000 foot fishing trail was constructed along the shore to provide bank fishing for both young and old.  Ice fishing is prohibited as the ice never gets thick enough to be safe.

The Jackson County Marina provides boat rentals as well as a boat fuel station, a convenience store, boat permits, and state fishing licenses.  During the summer months dock fishing is available during the weekdays only.  Three boat ramps around the lake give easy access to this great fishery.

Lake Jacomo FishingLargemouth Bass – the population is one of the best in the Kansas City area.  Bass like to hang out around the edges of structure and anglers may find large bass along the outer edge of water willow vegetation near the shore in May.  Later in spring and summer try the coontail beds for this great fighting fish.

Limit is 2 per day.  Length limit is 15″

Catfish – channel catfish are in the 10 to 15 pound range with many over 15 inches in length. Stocked regularly by the Department of Conservation, channel cats can be caught from shore or boat with a variety of baits.  Look for channel catfish in the back of coves and where feeder streams are feeding into the lake after a heavy rain.

Flathead catfish have been caught in the 20 pound range and there is a good number of these fish in the lake.  Flathead like live bait and can be found in concentration around deep rocky structure and creek channels in the late spring and early summer.

Limit is 4 per day with no length limit

Crappie – there is a pretty consistent population of white and black crappie.  Most are caught around 9-10 inches with some over 13 inches.  Try fishing off  the north marina boat dock and from the two disables-accessible docks or around designated brush piles.  Trolling in these areas is another good option.

Limit is 30 per day with no length limit.

Missouri FishingWalleye – regular stocking of walleye have made Lake Jacomo a good fishery for this species.  For best luck try fishing at night in late March and early April along the spillway  In the summer and early fall try fishing along the flats and points of the lake.  Along the bluffs of Liggett Cove and the shallow water on the south side of Sailboat Cove is another productive place to catch walleye.

Limit is 4 per day.  Length limit is 15″

White Bass – is excellent on Lake Jacomo and should be considered in your next fishing excursion.  12 to 15 inch fish are fairly common and can be found where walleye or crappie are found.  In late April and early May fish crankbaits or topwater lures.  In the summer and fall white bass can be hard to find.  Trolling shad-colored crankbaits is a good method of locating these fish during this time of the season.  Once you locate a school of white bass you can target them by casting into the school.

Limit is 15 per day with no more than 4 longer than 18″.

Bluegill – once Lake Jacomo’s claim to fame, these fish are not as large as they once were.  Bluegill can be caught 7″ or longer and are a great summertime fish to catch using popping bugs with a fly rod or crickets.

Bow Fishing – Longbow or crossbow fishing is permitted on Lake Jacomo, north of Colbern Road during statewide season. A Jackson County Parks and Recreation archery permit is required.