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Thomas Hill Fishing Info

Basic Information

Thomas Hill Striper FishingThomas Hill Reservoir is made up of 4,950 acres located in Macon and Randolph counties of Missouri.  The lake provides cooling for the coal generators of the power plant that sits on the lake.  The warm water discharge from the plant makes this lake a year around fishing hot spot.

There are good numbers of nice size white crappie and can be found easily with the fish attractions that have been placed.

Hybrid Bass
Hybrids can be a lot of fun to catch in the winter time as they are attracted to the warm flowing water.  You catch a lot of 17 inch fish (they need to be 20 inches to keep) but they all fight really good

Largemouth Bass
Bass are fair on this lake with a lot of fish caught less than 15 inches.

Flatheads and Channels are in large numbers.  Large flatheads can be caught about anywhere.  There are a large number of small channel cats and they encourage you to keep your limit  of 10 daily to help with the overpopulation.

Other Info

ADA assessable paved fishing jetty was completed in 2012 at the north end of the lake near the Highway T boat ramp. Brush piles were placed in the lake as fish-attracting cover from 1991 through 1994. In spring 2005, eleven of these brush piles had new brush added to them and four new brush piles were constructed. In spring 2009, new brush was added to the existing brush piles.

You can visit the Conservation website for a map of the fish attractors – however they are clearly marked on the lake and easy to find.

It is surrounded by 4300+ acres with wetland units that attract migrating birds.  Bald eagles can been seen from Route T in the winter time.

The public is restricted from a small portion of the area near the power plant.

Waterfowl hunting is prohibited on the lands and waters of the main arm of the reservoir north of Route T and south of Ginger Street, is designated as a waterfowl refuge from Oct. 15 to the close of waterfowl season.