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Roaring River Attractions

Find other very cool stuff to explore around the Roaring River State Park area. Maybe it’s too hot out this afternoon or your morning fishing trip just got rained out. Hop in the vehicle and explore other attractions around Roaring River State Park.

Roaring River Hatchery

Roaring River State Fish Hatchery was first built in 1910 by R.E. Brunner of Kansas City as part of a hunting and fishing resort. . It was sold in 1928 to Mr. Thomas Sayman a soap manufacturer from St. Louis who bought the hatchery and 2,400 acres of land and sold it to the state for $1. The area was made into a state park and the Missouri Department of Conservation has been in charge of it since 1937.

The hatchery was rebuilt in by the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC).  All the stonework – the dam around the spring pool, raceways, walkways, hatchery building, storage building, and public restrooms – was done by hand with stone quarried from the park.  In the 1960’s there were some addition concrete raceways installed to complete the project.