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Longview Lake Fishing Info

Longview Lake Fishing ReportsLongview Lake offers some great fishing opportunities for Western Missouri.  With the management of the Missouri Department of Conservation and the amenities provided by Longview Park, the lake offers anglers a great place to relax with a fishing pole and fill a stringer for a good fish fry.  If you live around or are visiting the Kansas City area don’t miss the opportunity to check out this great lake.

Largemouth bass – restocking continues to improve numbers and the size structure is very good.  Concentrate on the edges of vegetation in the cooler months and woody cover during the summer for best results.

Limit is 6 per day and a possession limit of 12.  Length limit is 15″

Catfish – average size for channel cats is around a pound and the numbers remain high.  Prepared bait and nightcrawlers fished on shallow flats works well for channel cats. Those who enjoy catching catfish should know the number of channel catfish present should provide plenty of good summer fishing.  Flathead catfish are growing very well in Longview Lake. Missouri Department of Conservation sampling has shown natural reproduction is occurring with all sizes of fish found including some over 35 pounds. Fish rocky areas with lots of brush preferably with live bait.

  • Blue Catfish limit is 5 per day and a possession limit of 10.  There is no length limit.
  • Channel catfish limit is 10 per day and a possession limit of 20  There is no length limit.  Anglers are encouraged to harvest their daily limit of 10 channel catfish.
  • Flathead catfish limit is 5 per day and a possession limit of 10.  There is no length limit

Walleye – these great fish in Longview Lake have increased and rebounded to levels similar to the early 1990’s. The best time for anglers to catch Walleye is when they move to spawn in late March and early April along the dam or the east side of the lake.  Walleye can also be caught by trolling baits during the summer months over underwater humps and along main lake points. Jigging along the edge of deep timber can also be effective in the summer.

Limit is 4 per day and a possession limit of 8  Length limit is 15″

Crappie – fishing for these beautiful fish will be similar to years past.  There are nice crappie in Longview Lake, but there is also an abundance of smaller fish.  Concentrate your fishing efforts near rock banks in the spring when crappie are spawning. Fish around standing timber next to creek channels or around submerged brush piles in the summer and fall.  The Kansas City Regional Office of the Missouri Department of Conservation has maps available showing where the brush piles are located.  Just give them a call.

Limit is 30 per day and a possession limit of 60.  There is not length limit.

White bass – there is a good population of White Bass in Longview Lake.  During summer and early fall fishing windblown points or banks can prove successful.  Artificial baits such as jigs, spoons, and crankbaits work well whether casting or trolling.  Minnows or shad are also excellent bait.  Shad may be taken by dip net or throw net.

Limit is 15 per day and a possession limit of 30.  Length limits for White Bass is no more than 4 longer than 18″

Carp – while an undesirable component of the fishery, can provide abundant fishing opportunities at Longview. Use small single hooks and small chunks of dough bait in the backs of the coves starting in the late May. Bowfishing is not legal in Longview Lake.  Fly Fishermen can enjoy carp fishing when they are in the shallows from May through June.