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Lake Taneycomo Fishing Info

Lake Taneycomo FishingLake Taneycomo has the characteristics of both a river and a lake. The shallow colder water, located near the Table Rock Dam, averages 48 degrees F, resembles a river and permits wading and bank fishing for trout.

The average temperature of the water gets warmer with depths of 50 feet near the Powersite Dam in Forsyth.  When Table Rock Dam is generating power its current is very strong throughout its whole length, its water temperature drops, and for all practical purposes it becomes a very deep, cold, fast running river.

It consists of 2,000+ acres of surface area depending on the water levels and 40+ miles of shoreline.

Fishing Information

Trout Fishing Lake Taneycomo MissouriThe upper portion of the lake is reserved for artificial lures only such as tiny jigs and crankbaits. These headwaters are also ideal for fly fishing with flies that imitate the freshwater shrimp and other natural bait that trout feed upon.

The locals say that the best way to catch trout is by drifting salmon eggs or angleworms. Affix the eggs or worms to a small hook and cast into holes with an ultra light rod and reel. This method used from a drifting boat or from a dock will yield a nice stringer of trout. It’s important to note that few places in the main channel are shallow enough to fish while wading, so drift boats and docks are typically used.

Lower Lake Taneycomo harbors a well-kept secret: The downstream area closer to Powersite and Forsyth offers considerably warmer water and many different species of fish, making Taneycomo a versatile and challenging destination for anglers who are aware of its changing character of this very unique lake.

A Missouri fishing license is required to fish any Branson-area lake, river or stream and a trout permit is required for fishing Taneycomo between the Table Rock Dam and the U.S. Highway 65 bridges. Anglers must have a trout permit to possess trout anywhere on the lake. Resident, non-resident and youth licenses are available at most fishing outfitters and supply stores in the area.

Warning: When fishing near the Table Rock Dam from the shore or particularly when wading in, pay attention to the horn when it blows. This is a warning indicating that they are going to start generating power. This will cause a sudden increase in the speed of the current and depth of the water. The water can rise feet in a matter of minutes.


With 760 feet below Table Rock Dam
No fishing allowed

On the lake
Brown Trout – 20″ min. Length limit – daily limit of 4 trout – combined of both species may include only 1 brown trout

From Closed Zone 760 ft below Table Rock Dam to the mouth of Fall Creek

  • Rainbow trout – 12 to 20 inch slot length limit
  • Pole and line fishing only
  • Only flies and artificial lures.  Soft plastics and natural and scented baits are prohibited for any species.

Lake Taneycomo Regulations


Lake Taneycomo originated when the White River was confined by the completion of the Powersite Dam, near Forsyth, Missouri, in 1913.  From 1913 until 1958 it was a warm water lake. The completion of Table Rock Dam in 1958 changed the source of water to Taneycomo from that of the White River’s flowing waters to the bottom tailwater of Table Rock Lake from the dam spillway and made it into a cold water lake. The clear cold waters from the deep tailwaters of Table Rock Lake pour out of the dam into Lake Taneycomo.

The Power Site Dam is privately owned by Empire Electric Company which holds the license until 2022.

In 1957, the Missouri Department of Conservation constructed the Shepherd of the Hills Trout Hatchery.[2] All methods of trout fishing — fly fishing, artificial bait, and live bait fishing — may be used year-round to pursue trout that inhabit the waters of Lake Taneycomo.