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Hazel Creek Lake Fishing Info

Fishing Information

The Missouri Department of Conservation manages and maintains this 530 acre reservoir fishery.  The land around the lake is city owned.  For serious anglers pursuing serious fish, Hazel creek is a must.  Hazel Creek Lake was first stocked in 1983 when the lake was made. Muskellunge have been stocked since 1983.  Missouri Department of Conservation surveys have shown Hazel Creek one of the best in the state at netting muskies.

Muskie Fishing MissouriLargemouth Bass – are abundant throughout the lake.  Structure points such as timbered coves, riprap points, islands, and bottom channels hold a lot of fish.  The daily limit is s 6 and there is a length limit of 15″

Muskellunge (Muskie) – The sharp teeth and large size of these fish can make these trophies difficult to handle safely.  Carry gloves and pliers with wire cutters for safe hook removal. It’s a good idea when measuring and releasing these fish to do so in the water at boat side, ensuring your safety and increasing chances that these valuable fish will live to fight again.  Daily limit is 1 and length limit is 36″.

Crappie – can be found all over the lake.  Anglers report once you have found a school of them to fish that area and you will catch a bunch.  A giant three pound slab was caught in May of 2013.  The daily limit is 15 with no length limit.

Channel and Blue Catfish (combined) – Channel catfish are periodically stocked by the Department of Conservation.  Seining or trapping live bait is not permitted so keep that in mind as plan your trip.  Daily limit is 4 with no length limit.

Carp – can be taken by pole and line, bow, crossbow, and gig during statewide seasons.  Carp are large and found mostly in the backs of coves out of the wind. A good area is the big cove across from the north boat ramp.

Other Regulations

  • Only pole and line fishing (3 per person), except that carp may be taken by atlatl, gig, bow, or crossbow during statewide seasons.
  • Seining or trapping of live bait is prohibited
  • Bullfrogs and green frogs may be taken during the statewide season by hand, handnet, gig, longbow, and hook and line
  • Electric boat motors only
  • No swimming