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Fellows Lake Fishing Info

Fellows Lake Fishing ReportThere are some great fishing opportunities at Fellows Lake located 10 miles north of Springfield Missouri.  The lake is becoming one of southern Missouri’s premier Muskellunge fisheries with Muskies approaching 50 inches being occasionally caught.  Fish attractors made mostly from cedar and hardwood trees have been placed around the lake boundary and depths of 12-20 feet providing good structure for bait fish.  These are replenished periodically to improve angling opportunities.

Largemouth Bass – should be good as a 2014 sampling showed that a third of the bass were greater than 15″ and half were above 12″.  Fish crankbaits and spinner baits during spring and early summer, and rubber worms during hot summer months.  Concentrate on fish attractants and drop-offs for best success.  Don’t be surprised if a Muskie takes your catch as your reeling it in!  Watch for special regulation on Largemouth Bass posted around the lake.  A 12″-15″ protected slot length limit helps provide excellent catch-and-release fishing.

Limit is 6 per day and a possession limit of 12.  Fish 12″-15″ must be released

Muskellunge (Muskie) -based on the 2014 sample data, Muskie fishing on Fellows lake should be fair.  Drought and high temperatures in 2012 hurt the population.  A heavy stocking program in 2014 should help accommodate the shortage of fish.  The most successful time for fishing for Muskellunge is on overcast, rainy days during the fall or early spring months when water temperature s below 70 degrees.  Fish near brush structure and weed beds using large spinners, bucktails, and crankbaits.  Muskies are occasionally caught while fishing for largemouth bass.  The Missouri Department of Conservation asks anglers to carefully handle sub-legal and legal Muskie at the surface of the water to increase chances for survival.  Summer fishing for Muskie when water temperature is warmer will likely decrease survival of released muskie.

Limit is 1 per day and a possession limit of 2.  Length limit is 36″

Channel catfish –  are abundant throughout the lake ranging from 10″-20″.  Fish with chicken livers, nightcrawlers, prepared baits, and cut bait.

Channel catfish limit is 10 per day and a possession limit of 20  There is no length limit.

Fellows Lake WalleyeWalleye – anglers should expect fair fishing success.

The best places to fish Walleye are gravel points in the spring and the backs of coves in the summer.  Fishing with crappie jigs, nightcrawlers, or minnows, and trolling deep-diving crankbaits across main lake points usually provide the best success.

Limit is 4 per day and a possession limit of 8  Length limit is 15″

Crappie – both white crappie and black crappie are present with most fish ranging from 8″-11″.  Fish with minnows and tube jigs in and around brush piles and vegetation.  Occasional Crappie greater than 14″ have been caught giving anglers a great fishing experience.

Bluegill – most bluegill caught range between 4″-6″ with a few ranging above 6″.  Fish with small pieces of worms on a bobber for a fun experience for the kids.  Watch out, a Muskie just might follow that bluegill for a meal.

Additional Information

  • A City Utilities permit is required to launch a boat. A 40-HP motor size restriction applies.
  • Access to the lower portion of the lake is limited by a well-marked buoy line.
  • Access to parking areas, the boat ramp and docks is limited to the time period between sunrise and sunset. All boats must be off the lake by sunset each day. Boat rentals are available at the marina.
  • City Utilities maintains the picnic areas, playground equipment, pavilions, and hiking trails. For more information on facilities and boat permits call 417-863-9000.
  • During waterfowl hunting season, fishing access to the south arm of the lake is allowed only after 1 PM.
  • Fish attractors (brush piles) are periodically placed and replenished throughout the lake. Contact the Missouri Department of Conservation for a map of all fish attractors.