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Cleaning Fish The Easy Way

Learn how to clean fish easier and tools that will save you time.

Cleaning is not the most fun part of the sport.  Catching and eating them is for sure.  We are always looking for guidance on better techniques and ways to clean fish.


The SKINZIT® Electric Fish Skinner removes rib bones and skin from the fillet in two simple steps.  It works on fish up to 5 1/2″ in width and any length. We have run Walleyes up to 27 inches through the SKINZIT®. With a wider fish fillet, first remove the rib bones using the SKINZIT®. Then simply cut the skin on the fillet in half lengthwise then remove the left side and then right side with the SKINZIT®.   The first pass rolls out the rib bones, the second pass removes the skin with full meat retention.  It’s really that easy!  Plugs into a regular wall outlet.